Ashley Brasovan
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Getting to Know a Star Athlete: Ashley Brasovan

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Nuzest is pleased to welcome Ashley Brasovan as one of our newest sports ambassadors. Ashley Brasovan is a professional sub-ultra trail/mountain runner. We had the pleasure of sitting down and getting know Ashley, so let's see what she had to say!

Q. For those of us who don’t know you, who is Ashley?

A. I'm currently a professional sub-ultra trail/mountain runner for Hoka One One and I also have a full-time career as an Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Consultant residing full time in Golden, CO. I've had a long career in the sport over the last 16 years on the roads, track, trails, and cross country course including competing at the NCAA D1 level for Duke University. I have competed for Team USA three times with a top-10 finish at the 2018 World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships and I'm a 5-time USA National Champion in the sport.

Q. What does being a Nuzest sports influencer mean to you?

A. This is an exciting opportunity! I have been an avid nutrition lover my entire life and always love looking for better ways to fuel and recover. I share these tips with others as I learn and grow so that others can benefits as well. As an environmental advocate, I love that the products are vegan, environmentally friendly, and made with a lot of thought put into that piece of the product. As an athlete, I love that the products contain pure and all-natural ingredients unlike many other products.

Q. How do you make healthy choices and avoid temptations when it comes to your nutrition?

A. Growing up, I had a severe eating disorder and was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 18. From there, I had multiple fractures and was told I could never compete again. It was at that point that I realized how what I had put into my body (or lack thereof) had consequences. I never wanted to be in that position again so I have become very thoughtful about fueling, eating enough, and being diligent about the types of fuel that I put into my body. That being said, moderation and balance are something that I truly believe in and that can help to keep you fueled and healthy over the long term.

Q. What is your favorite indulgence?

A. I really love chocolate chip cookies from Publix back in Florida (where I grew up)! Every year over the holidays when I visit my family, I go to the Publix bakery just to get one.

Q. What is your favorite healthy snack?

A. I really love protein mini waffles and have them in the mornings when I am rushed to get to work. They are also super easy to pack ahead of time as a quick post-run snack to fuel up if I have a longer drive home from the trails.

Q. How do you stay active and fit?

A. As a pro-runner, I typically run about 50-70 miles per week depending on what I am training for. I also practice yoga, swim, and ski on weeks where running isn’t as intense.

Q. What is your favorite form of exercise?

A. I love running and swimming! I have been a runner for about 20 years now. I also grew up in Florida so swimming will always have a piece of my heart too.

Q. Aside from being a running superstar, what do you do for fun?

A. I really enjoy the outdoors so Nordic skiing (in Colorado) and scuba diving (in Florida) are two of my favorite outdoor activities. I also really love cooking and experimenting with baking so I'm excited to try lots of fun protein powder recipes.

Q. What advice do you have for people wanting to kick-start a healthy lifestyle or to pump up their nutrition?

A. Do something sustainable for your lifestyle. I think the biggest mistakes that people make with dieting and overall health choices is doing something so extreme that it can’t be maintained for long periods of time. I always like to think about the long term and make changes in small doses to see if it is something I could see myself doing over a lifetime before making a full commitment.