Booty Blasting Exercises You Can Do At Home
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6 Booty Blasting Exercises You Can Do At Home

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No matter if beach season is upon us and you are concerned about wearing less clothes and showing off more skin, or you simply want to look and feel great about what you see in the mirror, we can all use a little help toning our backside. If you are looking for some booty blasting exercises you can do at home, with little or no equipment, you have come to the right place!

Here are 6 at-home booty blasting exercises that will give you a shapely booty:

The Glute Bridge

Sometimes, there is something to a name. The glute-bridge is an exercise where you lay on your back with your feet resting hip width apart under your hips. While your shoulders maintain contact with the ground, slowly raise and lower your hips to the ground. At the top of your motion, squeeze your glutes together. Hold this position at the top for two seconds. If you want to push yourself further, hold yourself at the top even longer.

Why this works:

When you use your glutes upwards to raise and lower your body, you will feel that direct deep contraction in your derriere.

Glute Kickbacks/Scorpions

Glute Kickbacks sometimes called scorpions are an exercise in which you make a motion with your leg resembling a scorpion’s tail. While on your hands and knees, kick one leg up towards the back of your head and squeeze your abdominals.

Let them do some work here as well! Remember, slow and controlled movements are key here. Hold this pose for two seconds and then switch legs. If you really want to push it, straighten that leg out to increase your difficulty or add a weight as seen in the video.

Why this works:

You are now manipulating the weight of your leg and the way it targets your butt. When you extend the weight behind you, this will hit the muscle from a different angle and give your butt further dimension.


Squats involve the simple act of squatting down, and it is one of the all-time greatest exercises. With your feet in line under your shoulders, start your motion at your hips and slowly lower your bottom as low as you can go. Be aware of your knee position and make sure to not have them extend forward over your toes. Be mindful of your feet as well. Each foot should maintain contact with the floor at all times. This is a great bodyweight exercise that gets even better if you hold dumbbells.

Why this works:

This exercise involves working the entire range of motion for your booty. As you drop your hips as low as you can, you are engaging your entire bottom. This is great for shaping and sizing your bottom.


With your feet shoulder-width apart, take a giant step forward as far as you can go. Then, drop down until your rear leg almost touches the ground. Return back to the starting position and maintain an upright and erect posture. When returning your leg back to the starting position, make sure that your motion is as large as it can be an attempt to pick your leg up before bringing it back.

Why this works:

During this exercise, you propel your body upward using your posterior. This is going to round out and lift your backside.

Step Up
With one foot on an elevated surface, put all of your weight into it. Press downward on the surface, elevating your rear leg. Then, kick that leg backward by retracting your glutes. Squeeze that leg upward and feel the contraction of your booty.

Why this works:

Let’s play with the angles here and see what happens anatomically. When you lift the surface that you are stepping onto, you are focusing your efforts towards picking up your cheeks. Then, as you lift your back leg up, you are doing a forced contraction with a fair amount of weight extended across a longer surface.

This causes more force for you to overcome as you pick up your leg.

Side/Lateral Lunge
Begin with your legs hip-width apart. Raise one leg and extend that leg laterally. While hinging at the knee, lower yourself into a squat. Raise up and bring your feet back to hip-width apart.

Why this works:

Your booty doesn’t become shapely simply by performing up and down exercises. We also have a lot of muscles that work from left to right as well. These muscles are going to help shape and round out your booty.

When summer arrives, you don’t want to be singing the flat bottom blues. Instead, parade a nice rounded moneymaker with you all over the beach.

If you follow these six exercises for 4 sets of 10 daily, Sir Mix-A-Lot might have to start singing songs about your butt that will be remixed throughout the ages. “Baby got back…” And, don't forget to hydrate and eat right, including consuming enough protein to fuel you throughout your workout.