Meet Soccer Superstar: Lauren Barnes
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Meet Soccer Superstar: Lauren Barnes

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Nuzest Ambassador Lauren Barnes is a professional soccer player who loves to share her passion for nutrition and living a healthy, active lifestyle. Lauren recently took a break from scoring goals to talk with us about her athletic career, life off the field, fitness, and what makes Nuzest her favorite clean, plant-based protein.

Let's take a moment to get to know Lauren Barnes.

Q. How would you describe yourself to someone new?

A. I like to think of myself as someone who enjoys helping others while constantly yearning to learn and grow as a human being. I’m a well-rounded athlete that has a huge passion for nutrition and living a healthy, active lifestyle. I love to travel the world in search of new foods, friends and to learn about new places. I currently do most of my traveling through the beautiful sport of soccer. I’m in my 6th year as a professional soccer player and my 4th season with the Seattle Reign FC in the NWSL.

Q. What does being a Nuzest ambassador mean to you?

A. Being a Nuzest ambassador is something I’m very proud of! I think it's important to spread the word about healthy nutrition, and being a part of the Nuzest family allows me to share my passion for healthy living. As a plant-based athlete, it's tough to find quality vegetable proteins, but Clean Lean Protein provides high protein with all-natural ingredients that are suitable for just about everyone’s lifestyle.

Q. How do you make healthy choices and avoid temptations when it comes to your nutrition?

A. It has taken a lot of practice, but I think planning my meals ahead of time has helped with temptations and making healthier choices. I like to make a list of meals I will cook for the week and then visit local farmer's markets to find fresh seasonal foods. It’s also a great way to support your community.

Q. What is your favorite indulgence?

A. Coconut milk ice cream and almond butter.

Q. What is your favorite healthy snack?

A. Rich Chocolate Clean Lean Protein by Nuzest, banana and almond butter smoothie.

Q. When not at soccer practice or games, how do you stay active and fit?

A. To stay active, I love to explore Seattle with my friends. I love hiking, yoga, and anything that involves oceans or lakes.

Q. What is your favorite form of exercise (besides soccer)?

A. Swimming, because it's such a great full-body workout.

Q. What are your favorite songs on your workout playlist these days?

A. I like an array of music but my favorite song to date is Sia by Cheap Thrills. Just something about it puts me in a good mood.

Q. Aside from being a soccer superstar, what do you do for fun?

A. When I’m not playing soccer, I try to travel the world as much as possible. I love meeting new people, trying new foods, and learning about different cultures.

Q. What advice do you have for people wanting to kick-start a healthy lifestyle or to pump up their nutrition?

A. This is a great question and the answer is different for everyone. We are all very different and you need to find what works best for your body. What's worked best for me is eating real, wholesome foods. I love to try and eat what's in season and cook as much as I can. Living a healthy lifestyle should never become a task, but should be fun and creative. It's important to try new foods, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and treat yourself every once in a while!