Getting to Know a Star Athlete: Meet Christine Nairn
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Getting to Know a Star Athlete: Meet Christine Nairn


Nuzest is pleased to introduce Christine Nairn as its newest sports influencer. Christine currently plays for the Seattle Reign FC.

Let’s take a moment to get to know Christine Nairn.

Q. For those of us who don’t know you, who is Christine Nairn?

A. I am a professional athlete for Seattle Reign FC. I am a 27 year old from Annapolis, Maryland who is a proud Penn State alum. I am also a new business owner of a clothing line called Finding Euphoria Threads.

Q. What does being a Nuzest ambassador mean to you?

A. It means everything. It allows me to worry less about nutrition. I know exactly what is going into my body because I am able to read and understand each and every ingredient that all Nuzest products have!

Q. How do you make healthy choices and avoid temptations when it comes to your nutrition?

A. It is always hard to avoid temptations, but I have found that preparation is key. I have been a big believer in the Paleo diet, so if I don’t prepare, things can get ugly quick. It’s easy to say no to temptations when your next meal is just waiting for you in the fridge!

Q. What is your favorite indulgence?

A. Since I have been in Seattle, my favorite indulgence is probably Molly Moons. They just opened one right by my house and I may or may not have indulged recently. I like their Cookie Dough Ice cream in a chocolate chip cookie sandwich. It is absolutely to die for. I actually want to go get one now that I am writing about it.

Q. What is your favorite healthy snack?

A. Recently, it’s been sweet potato fries. I have a mom & pop produce shop right by my house, and I think I single handedly empty their sweet potato bin. You can really do anything with sweet potato, but usually it’s garlic fries.

Q. When not on the field, how do you stay active and fit?

A. I really enjoy doing crossfit. My brother owns his own gym, so whenever I am home, you can usually find me there. He pushes me to go faster and be more explosive. I really enjoy anytime of cross training because it keeps me (and my muscles) on my toes. It doesn’t feel like working out when you are having fun doing it.

Q. What is your favorite form of exercise (besides soccer)?

A. Some form of crossfit. Any type of cross training that breaks up my daily training routine, I will try. Training for a soccer player is difficult. You have to be strong, agile, and smart. You have to be able to run for 120 minutes as well as mentality still be in the game. The more I can recreate that in my training, the better player I will be.

Q. What are your favorite songs on your workout playlist these days?

A. Different songs for different workouts, but lately I have been all about Sia. She has some absolute jams that everyone likes. I really like anything that is upbeat and makes you want to move… nothing is off the table.

Q. Aside from being a soccer superstar, what do you do for fun?

A. I recently started my own clothing company & blog called, Finding Euphoria Threads. Our goal is for individuals to prioritize their happiness through action. I started this company because I did not know who I was away from the soccer field. Along with the website, I have started my own blog that is a behind the scenes in my life. It has been extremely therapeutic to learn and strive for goals that are in the business world. We are coming out with our winter collection soon, so stay tuned!

Q. What advice do you have for people wanting to kick-start a healthy lifestyle or to pump up their nutrition?

A. I am a big nerd and I like to read books. My advice would be to educate yourself on nutrition. In the past, when people told me to read about nutrition I would say, yeah sure whatever. I recently bought a book called Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, which has changed my mentality completely. I am learning about (and feeling) the right foods I need as an athlete. This book has broken down nutrition, meal planning, and recipes into laymen terms. If you want to feel and perform to the best of your ability, you must be able to understand the food you put into your body and how it makes you feel. This is why I love Nuzest, I can read the ingredients and know it’s the best for me as an athlete.