Feel Good By Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Gonzalo Costa
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Feel Good By Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Gonzalo Costa

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Gonzalo Costa is a 24-year-old model from Argentina. Almost two years ago, he left his native country to take a chance on his dream of being in the fashion space. Now he is a content creator, getting to work with a range of brands and explore his other passions, like fitness and sports. Learn more about Gonzalo and follow his journey on Instagram @Goonza_Costa.

Q: Why is health and wellness important to you?

I have always been in sports since I was little. I played semi-professional tennis, but at the age of 17 I decided to quit. Since then, I train in the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle to both improve and feel good about myself. The body is our temple and it's up to us to take care of it by staying healthy.

Q: While living a busy life, how do you practice a healthy lifestyle within your career?

I try to eat a balanced diet, in which I prioritize high-quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates. I always try to accompany it with a good supplement to meet my daily requirements and thus feel in optimal condition. I usually like to exercise at night, since it's relaxing and ends my day in the best way.

Q: As part of the Nuzest fam, what is your favorite thing about our product?

It is a pleasure to be part of the Nuzest family, as I consume protein to meet my requirements. It's my favorite protein powder; both for its nutrients and its vast amount of flavors. My favorite Clean Lean Protein flavors are Real Coffee and Rich Chocolate

Q: What advice would you give to other men about living an active lifestyle?

My main advice would be to do it for your health and well-being, both physical and mental. Exercise is health. I do it as my moment of peace, where I relax and feel happy. It is important to think about your future and all the good you can do now, so your body thanks you later. The most important thing is to start slowly, but be constant. 

Q: How are you working on your goals this year?

I've been having very disciplined weeks in terms of my exercise and diet. I have many goals in terms of health, and having these goals motivates me even more to move forward.

Q: Any upcoming projects or releases?

I have many projects in mind, including some with Nuzest. The main one is to achieve a great physical change this year, since I am in a 3-month training program to be in the best condition of my life. I hope to achieve my goal and share my journey with the Nuzest family.