Finding Joy in Being Active: Meet Jimmy Slayton
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Finding Joy in Being Active: Meet Jimmy Slayton

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Jimmy Slayton is a professional goalkeeper in the Real Salt Lake organization, playing for the Real Monarchs in the USL Championship. He is from Wethersfield, CT but now living in Salt Lake City, UT. Learn more about Jimmy as he joins us as an ambassador for Men's Health Week. 

To connect with Jimmy, visit his Instagram @JSlayton73.

Q: Why is health and wellness important to you?

Health and wellness are important to me for many reasons. My career is dependent on health and wellness so it’s essential that I stay in peak physical condition, as well as, mental condition. I also find so much joy in being active whether it be working out and bettering myself or getting together with friends and enjoying sports and competing.

Q: While living a busy life, how do you practice a healthy lifestyle in your career?

There is always time to practice a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, health and wellness should always be a top priority because if you take care of your health, you’ll be able to take care of everything and everyone in your life. I make sure to live with that mentality in order to balance my schedule and personal needs.

Q: What advice would you give to other men about living an active lifestyle?

Start with something easy and sustainable. Living an active lifestyle varies from person to person. It’s not easy to get into it and then stay into it. It’s important to go from A to B to C to D. Don’t jump from A to D because then you’ll burn out and stay even further away from activity. It’s usually called a fitness journey for a reason, it’s a long process.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Nuzest products?

I really enjoy how clean the Nuzest products are. With proteins I’ve used in the past, there’s all these added ingredients that might take away from the true benefits of the product. Nuzest has clean ingredients, great benefits, and tastes amazing. Plus, it’s the best protein if you want to get creative with baking and creating different recipes.

Q: What is a health or fitness tip/hack you can share with us?

Diet is even more important than exercise. I always thought it didn’t matter what I ate as long as I worked hard and worked out a lot. Diet is essential to get results. When people hear diet, they think about fads and restricting food intake. A diet doesn’t need to be boring and challenging, it just has to be sustainable and doable for the individual. For me, I love sweets and treats, and I still allow myself to have those, but it’s all based on portion control. Tracking my calories and macronutrients has helped me see which sweet foods I can keep in my diet and how much I can have.

Q: How are you celebrating Men’s Health Week (June 14th-20th) this year?

I plan on celebrating this week by sharing information about my fitness journey with Nuzest and people that want to begin or continue their own journey. I am also hoping to try some new protein baking recipes and share them with my community!

Q: Any upcoming projects or releases?

I’m in my second season as a pro athlete and I’m all in on this as I want to keep growing and working to be my best self. I haven’t been able to dive into as many projects recently but hoping I’ll be able to take some on soon enough.