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Diego is originally from Greensboro, North Carolina. As a child growing up, he was always active in sports. Later on, he discovered dancing and how expressive it was and fell in love with it. This would eventually lead Diego to join the ballroom (voguing) scene at a very young age. While competing in ballroom, he won multiple grand prizes and trophies and even earned the title of “Legendary” for voguing. Now, he can be seen on Season 2 of the hit TV show Legendary on HBO Max. Learn more about Diego as he joins us for Men's Health Week. 

To connect with Diego visit his Instagram @diegosworld336.

Q: Why is health and wellness important to you?

Health and wellness has been a big factor in my life. For me, true fitness has not only physical benefits but mental ones too. I’ve found that being consistent with my workouts and nutrition has allowed my body to transform over the years at a steady pace and makes maintaining much easier.

Q: While living a busy life, how do you practice a healthy lifestyle within your career?

I’m on my feet all day at work and it can be very busy. Having balance and discipline is the key. I always make sure to prep meals and plan my gym days for the week and make sure I stick to the schedule. It takes a lot of discipline. I always tell people to start off with small goals when approaching a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Having walked the "Body" category on HBO Max’s Legendary, how do you prepare for this? What tip would you give others about being confident in their skin?

I needed to be less bulky for my dance performances so I could balance my size and strength with my flexibility and still put my best foot forward in the "Body" category. To accomplish this, I focused on 3 days of weights and resistance bands between rehearsals and a lot of yoga and stretching. Walking any category in the ballroom scene requires you to have confidence. Ballroom has helped many people like myself build confidence and self-esteem. I always tell people not to be afraid to be the person they truly are because the unique things about them are the things that others close to them will celebrate and love the most.

Q: What do you enjoy most about Nuzest products?

My favorite thing about Nuzest is that it’s plant-based, all-natural, clean for the body, and gluten-free. I find that it’s light and easy to digest. I love that it doesn’t have sugar and contains just the right amount of protein for me in a serving.

Q: What advice would you give to other men about living an active lifestyle?

It’s incredibly important as men we live an active lifestyle. Not only does it prevent chronic disease and long-term illnesses, but it makes you feel so much better mentally to be active.

Q: What is a health or fitness tip/hack you can share with us?

Try to remember that fitness isn’t all about lifting weights. In my fitness journey, I’ve found yoga to be a big contributor to my flexibility and health.

Q: How are you celebrating Men’s Health Week (June 14th-20th) this year?

I’ll be celebrating Men’s Health Week this year by sharing some of my workout tips and videos on my Instagram @diegosworld336.

Q: Any upcoming projects or releases you’d like to share with our audience?

I hope everyone watched me and my amazing house, Miyake-Mugler, tearing up the stage with so many incredibly talented people on Season 2 of HBO Max’s “Legendary”.

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