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Nutrition Tips from Pro Soccer Player Erika Tymrak

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Hi! I'm Erika Tymrak and I play professional soccer for the Utah Royals FC in Salt Lake City. This is my sixth year playing pro, and it's been quite the journey. One of the biggest things I’ve learned as an elite athlete is fueling your body properly with adequate nutrition and the importance of recovery.

I went vegan about a year and a half ago, and that is when my whole diet, and life, changed. I ate cleaner, felt happier and my performance and recovery changed for the better. Nuzest has been a huge aid in both fueling my body for training and games and helping with my overall recovery. Because my schedule during the soccer season can be extremely busy, smoothies have become a vital part of my diet and nutrition program.

Here are my go-to favorite smoothies and a breakdown of what I eat in a day: