4 Ingredient “Peanut Butter” Eggs
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4 Ingredient “Peanut Butter” Eggs

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These Peanut Butter Eggs with a whopping 4 simple ingredients by @lilsipper are da bomb! You'll want to make them again in about 2 days, and 2 days after that.

Ingredients in the a comparable product from a big-name brand that we won't name:

Peanuts, Milk Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate, Nonfat Milk, Milk Fat, Lactose, Lecithin, PGPR (emulsifier), Sugar, Dextrose, Chocolate, Nonfat Milk, Vegetable Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Safflower Oil, Salt, Whey, TBHQ (Preservative), Citric, Acid, Lecithin, and Artificial Vanilla Flavor

  1. Mix all ingredients except chocolate (use hands to compress batter). If the batter is still too crumbly and does not resemble “dough”, add a tiny bit more water. If it’s too “liquidy”, add a bit more protein powder to get a dough-like consistency. 
  2. Form into preferred size and shape you want your eggs to be, and place in freezer while you melt the chocolate. 
  3. Melt chocolate. 
  4. Remove “peanut butter” eggs from freezer and quickly drizzle or completely immerse eggs in chocolate and lay flat on parchment paper. *The chocolate will firm up fast since the eggs are cold. 

Store in refrigerator for up to 3 days or freeze up to 1 month.