Vegan Popcorn "Chicken" Recipe
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Vegan Popcorn Chicken Recipe

Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Product_clean-lean-protein Sugar Free Vegan


1 Medium Head of Cauliflower

3/4 Cup Avocado Oil

1/2 Cup Nuzest Just Natural Clean Lean Protein

Liberal amounts of Pepper, Oregano, Garlic, Salt, or any seasoning you like!

This super easy vegan popcorn chicken recipe comes from our friend Gigi Eats Celebrities.

Serving Size: 1/4th recipe
Calories: 441.75
Fat: 43.91
Carbs: 8.305
Protein: 12.8225
Fiber: 3.2
Nutrition facts are approximate.

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Time: 30 MINS
Serves: 2023-05-04 00:00:00 -0700