Jamie Simmonds

"I'm super happy to say, I'm now a Nuzest athlete. I've been using their plant-based products for over a year. The quality of their ingredients is second to none, so I know everything I'm putting in my body is the best quality, ethically sourced and tested to the highest standards. Nutrition plays such a huge role in my life, not only professionally but also personally so I'm only going to take the best and Nuzest is that."

Jamie Simmonds, 4 x Crossfit Games athlete from New Zealand, is now team Nuzest! Jamie's dedication to her sport and work ethic is truly inspiring. We're extremely excited to share Jamie's story and progress with everyone. 🌱 Having recently moved from UAE to the UK full-time, Jamie has her sights set on winning big at the next CrossFit Games.

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