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Full-Stack Developer
We are looking for a full stack developer who has experience with troubleshooting Shopify plugins, themes, and is familiar with the Shopify platform. 
Our theme was developed by an outside agency, and is significantly more advanced than a typical Shopify theme. It is critical that our new developer be highly proficient in high-level Liquid template code, as well as able to evaluate and understand how that code impacts the front-end of the site, as well as store operation.
Most of our business is online and we are constantly testing new marketing strategies and need someone who can make the site perform at a level that is a match for our growth.
Responsibilities would include:
  1. Site maintenance and functionality
  2. Proficiency in Shopify Liquid templating, HTML/CSS, Javascript (ES6 working knowledge preferred), custom fields as handled by Shopify (both maintenance on the back-end and display on the front-end)
  3. Our theme makes heavy use of AJAX calls throughout the checkout process. Developer must be comfortable understanding and troubleshooting javascript through this context.
  4. High proficiency in Shopify store maintenance preferred (product setup, store settings, order administration).
  5. Familiarity with the following Shopify apps (or similar) is preferred: Bold Subscriptions, Okendo, Selly United, and Shoutout.
  6. Familiarity with ecommerce fulfillment services (particularly ShipBob) preferred, along with strong working knowledge of how these services connect to Shopify.
  7. Working knowledge of Google Merchant Center, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and SEO best practices preferred
  8. Familiarity with email marketing (specifically Klaviyo), as well as general knowledge of how to optimize Shopify and work with various caching solutions.
  9. Has design experience and an eye for aesthetically appealing web design.
The ideal candidate would:
  1. Want to be part of a fast-growing business and is happy to grow with the company. In other words, you would start with a few days a month and maybe find yourself with a part-time to full-time position within 6-12 months.
  2. Be highly organized and able to overview Shopify theme changes from other sources (such as SEO vendors), and be able to maintain a plan to reconcile spot changes from various sources into a single "merged" Shopify theme.
  3. Be inspired to be part of a plant-based nutrition company that is on its way to taking over the world. :)
  4. Live in the United States and be fluent in English.

Please send us your resume to