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Pure plant protein. It's that simple.

Clean Lean Protein is our award-winning pea protein powder for everyday health and performance. Made from premium European Golden Peas, it’s high in digestible protein, rich in iron, has no added sugar,* is free from common allergens, and it’s flavored simply and naturally. *Not a low-calorie food.

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Why is protein so important?

Supports Recovery & Repair

Protein is essential for recovery and repair of every tissue in the body—from muscles to hair, skin, and nails.

Supports Healthy Aging

Sufficient protein intake can help combat the reduction in muscle mass that we all face as we age (a loss of 3-8% every decade past 40!).

Supports Healthy Weight

Clean Lean Protein shakes have no added sugar*, and they’re packed with quality protein to keep you feeling fuller, longer.

Supports Immunity

Amino acids (like Glutamine) are required for healthy immune function. Protein deficiency can leave you vulnerable to infections and illness.

Reviews by real people

2082+ reviews and counting

Clean Lean Protein

Best protein i've ever tried!

Sara B. Verified Buyer

I’ve had such a hard time finding a protein powder that isn’t harsh on my stomach. Nuzest is perfect! Easy to digest and so good!

Clean Lean Protein

Tastes soooo good!

Marcella R. Verified Buyer

I've been trying very hard to find vegan protein that isn't filled with a million ingredients which usually hurts my stomach. I also don't like the taste of stevia, this protein is perfect for me, not too chalky for a vegan powder and I can use some honey or maple syrup if I want to add a little extra sweetness, I've always had a problem with artificial sweeteners. This protein powder is perfect for me, no bloat or weird congested feeling after drinking one of these. This will be my go-to protein powder from now on. I tried strawberry, chocolate and vanilla and all taste true to their flavorings, love it. I hope this formula never changes!

Clean Lean Protein

Favourite protein!

Dana S. Verified Buyer

I found Nuzest after listening to a podcast on the cleanest protein powders. I have tried several over the years and this is my favorite ! I always get the vanilla and love the flavor!

Clean Lean Protein

Best protein!!

Angela R. Verified Buyer

Nuzest makes the best protein by far. I love the taste and how easy it is to blend. I will continue to buy Nuzest and highly recommend this product.

Clean Lean Protein

Soooooo good!

Tasha H. Verified Buyer

It's hands-down the BEST protein out there, that I've tried; and I've tried a lot over the past 30 years! Great flavor, nutrient profile, and their sweeter is their " magic" ingredient! Mixes perfectly. Not one negative thing about this product or this company.


Making nutrition easy

Never run out of Clean Lean Protein again! Our new subscription option means you can have protein delivered on your schedule every 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. Pause, change, or cancel at any time via your My Account page.

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Clean Lean Protein


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Clean Lean Protein

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Clean Lean Protein

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NO added sugars,* fillers or preservatives, EVER. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

  • 100% Vegan





The proof is in the protein

Better for the Environment

The isolation process, which is how we extract the protein from the peas, is entirely water-based and free from harmful chemicals. All water is purified and recycled, along with any waste, is used for animal feed or biofuel.

Free from Common Allergens

Clean Lean Protein is free from common allergens, such as soy, gluten, and dairy. We meet stringent gluten-free requirements, so you can enjoy your protein with peace of mind.

Easy to Digest

Protein supplements get a bad rap for causing bloating, but our plant-based protein is free from gums, fillers, and masking agents—the common culprits behind GI discomfort. Bonus: our isolation process removes nearly all anti-nutritional elements that interfere with digestion, including 100% of lectins.

Sweet by Nature

Get the benefits without the bitterness. We use Thaumatin, an extract from the West African Katemfe fruit, to add an all-natural sweetness to our protein.


Our friends know us best

Brianna Cope

Being an active athlete, it was hard to find ways to get enough protein to fuel my lifestyle. Nuzest helps me get the building blocks I need to recover and stay energized.

Professional Surfer

Alexis Palmer

I have been a fan of Nuzest protein powders for a while now. I love the simple clean ingredients and how gentle it is on my stomach. Once you try Nuzest, you will never go back!

Wellness Influencer

Rosie White

It's taken me a while to find a protein that works for my body. Nuzest is the first protein I've found that I feel really good about consuming.

Professional Soccer Player

Rashid Nuhu

Nuzest gives me energy, I feel stronger and it helps with my recovery time. As an athlete, those are attributes you want to help enhance your performance and Nuzest does exactly that.

Professional Soccer Player

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