Clean Lean Protein Selected as Best Overall Protein of 2019 by Verywell Fit
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Best Overall Protein of 2019 by Verywell Fit

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Verywell Fit, a leading health and wellness website that reaches over 40 million people each month, has recognized Nuzest as having one of the best products to buy in 2019! In fact, Clean Lean Protein was rated Best Overall protein of 2019!

According to the announcement from Verywell, "We take our recommendations very seriously and conduct extensive research to ensure our audience receives top tier products that best serve their health and wellness needs. We are happy to endorse your product as such."

Clean Lean Protein was selected as the Best Overall protein by Verywell. According to Verywell, "Some vegan protein powders use replacements for flavor and texture, among other purposes. Thanks to Nuzest, those looking for an additive-free supplement to their diet and exercise plan have the answer. This European pea protein powder has properties to support growth, repair, strength, vitality, and balance. And while there are no additives, Nuzest does not skimp on protein. Each serving is loaded with 25 grams of protein. Pea protein isolate, cocoa powder, vanilla bean, fruit extract, and cocoa extract are the five ingredients in every scoop. Not only that, but the ingredient list also provides all nine essential amino acids."

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