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Nuzest is pleased to welcome Jimmy Slayton as one of our newest sports ambassadors. Jimmy is a professional goalkeeper for the Real Monarchs in the USL Championship. We had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know Jimmy, so let's see what he had to say!

Q. For those of us who don’t know you, who is Jimmy?

A. I am a professional goalkeeper for the Real Monarchs. I’m in my second year as a pro soccer player and I love living an active lifestyle.

Q. What does being a Nuzest sports influencer mean to you?

A. To me, it means that I’m part of a team that is all about fueling the most powerful machine there is; the human body. I’m able to represent a company that can help me reach my goals and make sure I am always ready to go.

Q. How do you make healthy choices and avoid temptations when it comes to your nutrition?

A. I try to find ways to substitute healthy alternatives in tasty ways. I love baking using protein products and creating new treats that’ll satisfy any cravings I have.

Q. What is your favorite indulgence?

A. Chocolate chip cookies are easily my favorite indulgence.

Q. What is your favorite healthy snack?

A. Protein Oatmeal. I love getting creative with different healthy ingredients and protein to make a great fuel that tastes really good.

Q. How do you stay active and fit?

A. I find ways to get out and move around. I obviously play soccer for a living but I always enjoy getting a lift in at the gym or going for a run or walk in a beautiful area.

Q. What is your favorite form of exercise?

A. Playing soccer. Ever since I was little I loved it and as I’ve grown, so has my love for the game.

Q. Aside from being a soccer superstar, what do you do for fun?

A. I enjoy many things outside of soccer, but my favorite things to do are cook and find new recipes, hangout outside, or watch a good movie.

Q. What advice do you have for people wanting to kick-start a healthy lifestyle or to pump up their nutrition?

A. Start small and build on foundational habits. It’s all about where you are in the long run because if you just jump into it, you’re not equipping yourself for success. Experiment with changes to make for a healthier lifestyle, and build on what works so it’s sustainable.