Lessons Learned On The Field: Dani Weatherholt
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Lessons Learned On The Field: Dani Weatherholt

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Dani Weatherholt is a professional soccer player in her 6th season as Midfielder for OL Reign in the National Women’s Soccer League. When she is not on the field, Dani is outside in nature hiking, spending time with loved ones, taking photos, or chatting up strangers. As a Nuzest ambassador, we caught up with Dani to learn more about lessons learned on the field, advice for soccer beginners, and more.

Q. When did you start playing soccer and how did you discover it was your passion?

I started playing soccer when I was 6 years old and immediately fell in love with it. My mom accidentally missed soccer sign-ups and I spent the whole season playing non-stop in my backyard by myself. I played a bunch of different sports growing up, but what I loved the most about soccer was the incredible friends I made and how it challenged me more than any sport. 

Q. What advice would you give to soccer beginners?

I would say to work hard and be a good teammate. There are a lot of things that are often out of your control; not only in soccer, but in life. You can always control your work rate and attitude.  Be a good person, work hard, have fun, and you will always grow!

Q. How does getting back onto the field this season differ from last season? 

Everyone was eager to get back on the field and play a full season together in front of fans. Having the year we did made me realize how much being a professional athlete I took for granted and how grateful I was to have it back. We trained a lot last year with little competition, and had zero interaction with the community. I am so grateful to do what I love, but it means more when you get to share it with the community and young, aspiring athletes. 

Q. With soccer being such a demanding sport, what does your health and wellness routine look like?

Staying fit and healthy is essential for not only my sport, but my life.  I am especially conscious of my nutrition and recovery because I know those are two main factors that will allow me to be at my best every day. Having a protein supplement like Clean Lean Protein by Nuzest to help repair my muscles immediately after a workout and fuel my body to recover, has been a game changer. 

Q. What are some of the goals you have for yourself as a soccer player?

Ever since I was a little girl, my goal was to play for the US National Team and go to the Olympics or a World Cup. My goal now is to continue to strive for those, but also just simply try to be the best version of myself every day and stay present. I found out early in my career that I was most fulfilled while striving to be my best, but even more importantly, while inspiring people to find their passions along the way. 

Q. Is there a lesson you have learned from being a soccer player, if so what is it? 

A lesson I learned from being a soccer player is that every day I have an opportunity to learn and grow if I push myself. Learning I could put myself in uncomfortable situations, make mistakes, fail, and still get back up encouraged me to try anything. I carry this with me in all aspects of life, and because of it, I believe in myself. The biggest lesson soccer taught me is that in order to be great at anything, you have to fail, fully back yourself, and always find ways to grow. 

Q. How do you incorporate Nuzest into your active lifestyle?

I have loved incorporating Nuzest into my active lifestyle! I use it every day when I make a post-training smoothie. I personally choose to eat a plant-based diet, and therefore, need to supplement a little extra protein throughout my days. Nuzest is the perfect grab-and-go protein without sacrificing quality. 

Q. Do you have a favorite recipe you like making with Nuzest?

My favorite recipe would probably have to be my daily protein smoothie, which includes:

Just blend and enjoy!

Q. What is your favorite thing about Nuzest products?

My favorite thing about Nuzest would have to be the quality of the product and the taste. You rarely get both from a protein powder and I love that I don’t have to sacrifice taste or texture for it. I also love their commitment as a company to sustainability and supporting companies that align with their beliefs, such as 2030 or Bust, EcoCart, and One Tribe. And I have to say the people that work within the company are incredible! It is easy for me to support great people who are passionate about helping others and making great products.

Connect with Dani Weatherholt on Instagram, @DaniWeatherholt.