Meet One Tribe!
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Meet One Tribe!


By Kayla Russick, Financial Controller & Head of Sustainability

As inhabitants of this beautiful planet, we at Nuzest believe that it is our mission to love it, protect it, and provide the utmost care for it. This is why we have partnered with One Tribe, a certified B corporation working to protect the lungs of our planet, otherwise known as our tropical rainforests. We are proud to announce that every order placed on our website directly contributes to this wonderful and important cause of rainforest land protection.

Why should we protect the rainforests?

Safeguarding existing rainforests is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to fight climate change, as every acre safely stores over 100 tons of carbon that could otherwise enter the atmosphere as the greenhouse gas CO2. Studies have shown that halting tropical deforestation and allowing for regrowth could mitigate up to 50% of net global carbon emissions in the next 30 yearsyet rainforests are still being cut down at a rate of 70,000 acres a day. To date, the Rainforest Trust, OneTribe’s trusted partner, has protected over 18 billion trees and stored over 4.1 billion metric tons of CO2 equivalents, helping to protect our planet against further climate change.

How are our rainforests currently being destroyed?

Corporate corruption: AKA greedy corps who prefer money over the wellbeing of the planet. This can include tax fraud, forged permits, permits acquired with bribes, illegally cutting down timber… the ugly side of corporations goes on and on.

Agricultural expansion: Growing crops or raising livestock in the Amazon tropical rainforest in order to fulfill the daily needs of the human population

Mining: 10% of deforestation is due to mining. Large-scale mining operations use giant bulldozers and excavators to get metals and minerals from the soil which results in being hugely destructive for the environment.

Human settlement: The population is growing… FAST. There are more than 7 billion people on this planet and the more people there are, the higher the demand for more timber and more cattle to help us live our lives.

How do OneTribe and the Rainforest Fund protect the rainforests, exactly?

Land Acquisition: Together, they are supporting land titling projects in Peru and other sites around the world so that tropical rainforest land ownership cannot be legally obtained by people or corporations wishing to destroy it. Stopping these destructive entities from owning rainforest land is essential in taking climate action.

Protection: Another way they are protecting the rainforest is by buying rainforest land and working with governments and communities to create private nature reserves and national parks. Risk is calculated with the help of science to pinpoint which areas are the most endangered based on the species of plants and animals that live there. It is a proven method to stop deforestation where the action is most needed.

Demarcation: Demarcation is another way that they are helping the Amazon thrive as Mother Earth intended. This is the federal process of marking indigenous territories with boundaries so that people can no longer legally take advantage of them.

Community Managed Areas: Another way to help these lands is by improving indigenous community status. OneTribe and the Rainforest Trust provide funding to the indigenous people because they are, and have been for generations, taking care of the tropical rainforest. Indigenous people have been referred to as being the Amazon’s last hope. Indigenous residents are leading the change themselves and have more desire to do so because it is their literal homes that they are fighting to protect.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short introduction to our friends over at OneTribe. We truly believe the work they are doing is essential in reversing the devastating effects of our current lifestyle on our beloved planet, and we are proud to be their partner. Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about this new alliance or would like to learn more about the topic!

From all of us at Nuzest, THANK YOU, for your continued support. We couldn’t do any of this work to help our planet without you!