What A Personal Trainer Eats in a Day
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What A Personal Trainer Eats in a Day

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I’m Kelsey O’Brien, and I’m a personal trainer. I believe in a diet full of BALANCE! I like to eat a diet consisting of the majority of whole foods, with the occasional sweet treats. I focus on having balanced meals with a healthy fat, protein, and carb to keep me satisfied throughout my days. I think that food is meant to look beautiful and eating is meant to be fun! This was the reason why I created my blog. It’s a place full of colorful, nutritious recipes, as well as a spot to provide my tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle! Have you ever thought about what a personal trainer eats in a day?

Example diet diary of a typical day for a personal trainer:

6 am (Pre-workout snack): 1 scoop Clean Lean Protein Rich Chocolate plus Coconut milk, with half of a brown rice cake, nut butter, and some berries

8:30 am (Post-workout breakfast): Scrambled eggs with sautéed veggies, roasted sweet potato, and some fruit either berries or oranges OR a smoothie bowl made with frozen berries, a Trader Joe’s unsweetened açaí pack, frozen spinach, coconut water, and 1 scoop Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Rich Chocolate or Smooth Vanilla, and topped with some fresh fruit and granola!

12:30 pm (Lunch): Roasted zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and peppers, brown rice, ground turkey, salsa, and avocado

3:30 pm (Snack): White bean hummus, cucumber, watermelon radish, snap peas, Mary’s Gone Crackers original flavor, deli turkey meat, and pumpkin seeds. And, maybe a little square of a dark chocolate bar too :)

7 pm (Dinner): Lentil pasta, tomato sauce, sautéed peppers, onions, mushrooms, spiralized zucchini and homemade chicken meatballs

8 pm (Snack AKA dessert): Either a homemade sweet treat (depends on what I made recently… maybe a cookie, maybe a brownie) OR a couple scoops of coconut milk ice cream